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With multiple touchpoints and increasing, cross channel communication customers expect a faster and quicker resolution to their issues. One way to solve self-service disconnects of traditional systems is by switching over to automation and the use of Artificial Intelligent systems. Stronger AI and self-service automation increase customer convenience and boost agent productivity as well.

InstaAssist offers a differentiated experience that integrates human touch within digital channels.

Multi-Channel Virtual Assist
Automated chat that leads intelligent conversations with users and responds to their queries
Voice Biometrics
Digitizes a profile of a person’s speech to produce a voice print and then uses the print for later identification
Visual Call-flow Developer
Simple drag and drop the call flow controls to create your own call flow
Voice Call-flow Developer
Create voice applications visually without any programming or scripting
Live Chat
One-on-one conversation between customer and a live chat agent.
Call Back
Re-engage with customers with the click of a button without having to wait on hold

Why Insta-Assist?


Speed up your customer service – These new technologies give your business the power to scale at an unprecedented speed with limited resources.


Customer service that is always on– Time zones or holidays do not constrain automated customer service. Automation gives organizations the power to deliver always-on customer service to resolve issues quickly and the customer need not wait for hours or days to get a response.


Provides incredible accuracy – AI technology provides reliability unmatched by human counterparts. Bots and VA are free from many afflictions and biases that negatively impact customer service.


Cost Savings – Automating redundant activities reduces the need for extensive labor, minimizes expenses and maintenance costs. Employees can also focus their attention on core business processes and revenue-generating activities.


Streamlines business operations and leverage remote workforce– facilitates business processes so that employees do not need to be in the same location to continue the business, they can work remotely. It helps to streamline business processes so that customers have a consistent experience and helps to build trust.

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Instadesk is a start-up communications service provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Instadesk’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform together with a host of solutions and services enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with customers using voice, video, text and other collaboration tools to provide memorable customer experiences.

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