Automate your calls and Improve your campaigns with increased lead conversions

Insta Campaign


Automating, organizing and managing your outbound campaigns and resources increases productivity and efficiency. It simplifies the call handling process to a large extent to reach prospects. It greatly reduces the time required for handling a call and allows to have more control over operations resulting in greater productivity.

InstaCampaign harmonizes all your channels, collates customer data from different systems, devices and channels to deliver timely and relevant campaigns.

Predictive Dialer
Outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers
Outbound Campaign Mgmt
Multiple concurrent campaigns from a simple intuitive GUI
List and Lead Mgmt
Allows you to manage multiple lists per campaign
Agent Interface
Configurable agent screen with customizable screen layouts and wrap codes
Monitoring and Reports
Cradle to grave reporting including agent performance, lead performance and dialer performance in real-time
Script Builder
GUI-based script builder with the ability to build multiple script pages branching to different pages

Why Insta-Campaign?


Reduces lead time – It efficiently facilitates scheduling, launching and measuring campaigns from simple to complex, across single or multiple channels within a short span of time.


Reduces Idle time – By increasing right party connect it reduces agent idle time and increases first call resolution. It easily filters out busy, unanswered calls, fax machines etc.


Provides customization – It can be configured and easily customized to include features such as conference calls, internal and external transfers, call blending, remote agent support etc.


Improves call quality, compliance and reporting – It allows to monitor and record agent interactions in real-time. The compliance tools ensure that the operation is in accordance with statutory rules and guidelines.


Provides customer information– – It provides agents with the necessary customer information they need to manage contacts effectively and efficiently.

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Instadesk is a start-up communications service provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Instadesk’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform together with a host of solutions and services enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with customers using voice, video, text and other collaboration tools to provide memorable customer experiences.

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