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Flexible workspaces provide the agility to make everyday operations smoother and more efficient. Digital workspaces enable customers to connect, communicate and collaborate with the organization in a streamlined fashion. Moreover, teams within an organization are more organized and efficient in their working style with no time being wasted in waiting. It helps to share and collaborate on work and provides a greater level of accountability.

InstaConnect helps you to streamline your tasks and conversations and keeps them on the same page.

Interaction Summary
Keep track of all customer interactions across all channels
Customer Information
Captures and stores all relevant customer information from the start of the first interaction
Wrap-up Notes
Allows the agent to enter notes during an interaction or while in ACW
Notice Board
Displays real-time statistics related to performance
Knowledge Base
Central repository of information where agents can look for answers. A self-help tool to resolve trivial issues.
Contextual Journey
Deeper insights into the customer journey for optimizing CX

Why Insta-Connect?


Maximizes Productivity – The intuitive, comprehensive and easy-to-use tool maximizes agent productivity. The intuitive desktop handles all agent activities in the same location.


Keep track of all customer interactions – Allows agents to view a customer’s entire interaction with the organization. They have a complete view of each customer’s history and their value to the organization.


Seamless transfer between the different screens – provides flexibility to the agent without the need to switch between different applications


Multi-channel operational and analytical platform– helps to improve customer engagement, offers 360-degree view of the customer journey and create cross-channel intelligence.


Unified dashboard – helps to perform customer trend analysis, gain insights across channels, integrate with other applications to provide holistic insights.

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Instadesk is a start-up communications service provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Instadesk’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform together with a host of solutions and services enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with customers using voice, video, text and other collaboration tools to provide memorable customer experiences.

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