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Insta Engage


Digital transformation has changed our habits and lifestyles. We live in a world where everything is connected. Today, it doesn’t matter if you are able to offer many different channels for the customers to interact with your brand. Customers only care if they can connect with you, the way they want to connect with you and when they want to connect with you.

With customers interacting on a myriad of different channels and devices, it is essential for businesses to provide them the ease of switching from one channel to another (channel-less) to complete a transaction leading to valuable and long-lasting relationships. InstaEngage is the Customer Engagement Platform that is portable and can be accessed by the customer wherever they go. With InstaEngage any channel becomes incidental, only the experience becomes central.

InstaEngage is the best in-app experience you can provide to your customers.

In-app user experience
We are a Niche communications player focused on crafting Customer Experience Memories
Live Chat
Allows instant engagement with your website visitors
Video Chat
Facilitates face-to-face communication, less intrusive and more personalized
Maximizes support with screen sharing, content sharing, form sharing, page pushing and signature in real-time
Directly connect to the support team to seek resolution and share sensitive information
Facilitates voice, video, and text for compliance and training purposes

Why Insta-Engage?


Provides a cohesive and personalized experience across all touchpoints Cross-channel integration - customers can access from any channel anywhere. Every experience is personalized and unified. InstaEngage allows the different channels like voice, text and video to be unified into a single conversation for faster information transfer and quick decisioning.


Fosters loyalty and increase revenue by creating a unique experience through face-to-face communication.


Enables real-time customer interaction on the go Simple SDK integration therefore, easily integrate chat, voice, and support directly into iOS and Android apps


Seamless, intuitive and non-intrusive interface provides customers the ultimate contextualized mobile experience


Easily integrated with other applications Works well with other software and can be fully customizable or re-written, reduces response time and speeds up task completion

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Instadesk is a start-up communications service provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Instadesk’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform together with a host of solutions and services enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with customers using voice, video, text and other collaboration tools to provide memorable customer experiences.

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