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Insta Reports


What can’t be measured can’t be improved. Therefore, it is important to measure. Metrics provide you with the big picture of team’s performance and allow you to take actionable measures to improve the same.

InstaReports provides real-time and historical business performance metrics with advanced customizations.

Real-time Reports
Provide instant, relevant information across a wide range of CC roles
Historical Reports
View completed activity and performance to make informed decisions
Custom Reports
Tailor your reports to suit business needs and stay-up-to-date with information
Performance Dashboard
Browser-based dashboard that displays metrics, KPIs, SLAs, operations moment by moment
Supervisor Console
Allows supervisors to contact agents and provide rapid response to changing business needs

Why Insta-Reports?


Provides in-depth information –Allows to quickly access information and gain actionable insights to drive business performance


Customizable dashboards – Widget-based real-time dashboards that can be easily customized


Pre-built as well as customizable reports – Pre-built reports and role-based access controls provide instant insights on key business metrics


Customized reports – You can create customized reports to address your unique requirements.


Boost customer experience– Analyze and understand what works well and what doesn’t work well and make improvements to boost customer experience.

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